Vebjørn Espeland

About me

I am a researcher in computational linguistics, currently doing a part time MSc by Research at University of Edinburgh, under the supervision of Dr. Bea Alex and Dr. Benjamin Bach. The other half of my time I work for Opus 2 International, as a Lead Research Engineer in the R&D department.

Research topics

I'm researching information extraction and visualisation. As my MSc is sponsored by Opus 2, a LegalTech company, my primary domain is the legal sector.

My MScR topic is coreference resolution and interactive machine learning, testing if and how incremental learning with newly labelled data can lead to higher accuracy and increaced efficiency and uptake for the legal technology users.

Upcoming Events

We're planning to host events for the legal technology industry in the Opus 2 offices. More on this to come.

Personal topics

When I'm not coding or reading I'm cultivating assorted fermentation projects or evangelising the revival of home made woollen garments.

Vebjørn Espeland


twitter: @vebjornespeland
linkedin: vebjornespeland